Saturday, March 6, 2010

The next Tunde book is out as an e-book and it's FREE on KidsStories Online!!!

FREE CHILDREN'S BOOK!!! That’s to get your attention. I hope it worked. It’s true though. If you go to you will be able to get my next children’s book in the Tunde series, “Tunde, the Little Nigerian Prince and the Soldier Ants” for free!!! It is being offered on this site as an e-book and we are only offering it there.

In the first book, "Tunde, the Little Nigerian Prince", we see Tunde, watching his dad rule as king, going to Sunday school for the first time and then off to school. Tunde finally gets to go to America and go to university and become a doctor. Of course he ends up being my daddy.

The second book is called "Tunde, the Little Nigerian Prince and the Soldier Ants" and in it we see Tunde as a little boy in his town of Egbe. Here he gets into trouble with some ants when his mother sends him on an errand. They are not just any ants though, they are soldier ants and they bite hard!

Go to OR download it from me right here.