Sunday, May 24, 2009

The 'Tunde book's travels

Well the ‘Tunde book one, has been on a little adventure.

We expected to launch the 'Tunde book in Washington D.C. and be at Busboys and Poets and big bookstores at Pentagon City, but instead we are in Atlanta, Georgia, where we have never lived and know so few people. It was launched at Cathedral Towers a senior citizen apartment in Buckhead to an audience of about 30 grateful senior citizens and one even bought a book. Of course I autographed it with a flourish. The Lord had told me three years before “despise not small beginnings” and I certainly do not. The next place the ‘Tunde book and I were, was at Butler Street CME Church and Trustee Adesina was buying a copy. His son, of the same name as ‘Tunde, had passed away some years before.

There it is folks. The book is bringing pleasure already, as I’ve heard from one reader who said he loved that I illustrated the book myself and it didn’t have the usual, as he called it, “slick, dark, complicated covers I saw on many kids books”. The ‘Tunde book and I are in Powder Spring, Georgia, in a home of recent acquaintances who don’t think I’m crazy to have come to Georgia, moved by the Holy Spirit, with no plan of my own except to write. They are a pastor and his wife and their adorable three year old, who has already been told the story of ‘Tunde by his mommy and loves it.

Until next time.