Friday, February 10, 2017

Tunde, the Little Nigerian Prince FREE audiobook

Just click on this picture
 to hear the story of Tunde, the little Nigerian Prince.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

15,492 Views Later - The Power of A Simple Children's Book

It appears that the website for the Tunde books are the reason many have gone to my YouTube channel, blogs, seen me on FB, LinkedIn and so on. People must be going to the free childrens' books website that I have, showcasing the Tunde books - Tunde, the Little Nigerian Prince and Tunde, the Little Nigerian Prince and the Soldier Ants.

On this website they see the Carroll Durodola YouTube Channel's episode "An Evening with Princess Ayo, The African Storyteller, Part 1", which of today has 15,492 views!!! Now people, I know that could be some parents letting their kids watch it several times at night or teachers constantly showing it in the classroom as a reward for their students, but still 15,492 views is substantial!!!

I am truly grateful to the Lord and His wisdom in having me write the Tunde books or start writing them, because only two books of the series are out. And the wisdom of God to have them be free to everyone. They didn't start off free, so some people in the early years of 1993 to 2009 paid $10 a book and I always SOLD OUT whenever I went to speak anywhere. But then the Lord said "give them away", (like He's said about most of the things I had :).

Everyone, thank you for watching. Thank you for your interest. It does a soul good.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The latest on Tunde

I know I haven't been here for a while. Sorry. But work on Tunde 3 still goes on. In the meantime check out the website and some of my other blogs listed here.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Order the Tunde books from me directly

Sallying forth to the Amazon site to see how my Tunde book is doing on there, I found out to my shock that the book, "Tunde, the Little Nigerian Prince" is out of stock!!! No word from the publisher, so if you want a copy, please order it directly from me. I'll for sure autograph it for you. The online e-movie book can be ordered at the same time. Also, the second book, "Tunde, the Little Nigerian Prince and the Soldier Ants" is free as a e-book.

Well, the beat goes on. My watchword this Fall is - don't let anything stop you - so I'm forging ahead. How are you all doing?

Saturday, July 31, 2010

What the E-book is doing?

Children in England, Kenya, South Africa, Israel & Nigeria, to mention a few are reading my e-book, "Tunde, the Little Nigerian Prince and the Soldier Ants".

It's free and I feel good about it. Do people really get free e-books? Are they willing to use them? Is there a skeptiscm about them? For sure there is. I would wonder why a writer would write and illustrate a book and then give it away free. Maybe this is what pulled me back from even doing this when approached. But I was at my wits end. My publisher had failed me and was not speaking to anyone. I was writing more and more and felt like a stopped up drain. So I let it out!

Now children are enjoying the book around the world and even though I'm not making any money off of it, God is wonderfully providing for me. I'm not feeling the pince of the economy like other people because there's nothing to pince. And the amazing life lessons being learned about survival, compassion, meekness and love, are priceless. This is a cause worthy of support. Children that have books contributed them appreciate them I'm sure, but if they'are anything like my seven year old grandson, they love getting new ones. This way a teacher in England prints off the book in her school, the pastor in Kenya prints off the book in his town for his orphans and they bind them anyway they want (I can imagine the creativity that goes into that!) and each child can have their own copy of "Tunde, the Little Nigerian Prince and the Soldier Ants".

Just as I was getting into doing illustrations for the next one, "Tunde, the Little Nigerian Prince and His First Day At School", on my Acer Aspire laptop, it's motherboard went bad. I can no longer use it. I felt stopped, but whenever I get near a computer like now, in a friend's home or the library, the writing doggedly goes on. I'm more determined than ever because of the obstacles. If the devil thought no computer would stop me, he's crazy.

I'm even bold to say now, if anyone has a laptop they are not using, please let me know so I can tell you how to send it to me. My hard drive is great so if it's a laptop without a hard drive but has a great motherboard, I'll take it.

Blessings all.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The next Tunde book is out as an e-book and it's FREE on KidsStories Online!!!

FREE CHILDREN'S BOOK!!! That’s to get your attention. I hope it worked. It’s true though. If you go to you will be able to get my next children’s book in the Tunde series, “Tunde, the Little Nigerian Prince and the Soldier Ants” for free!!! It is being offered on this site as an e-book and we are only offering it there.

In the first book, "Tunde, the Little Nigerian Prince", we see Tunde, watching his dad rule as king, going to Sunday school for the first time and then off to school. Tunde finally gets to go to America and go to university and become a doctor. Of course he ends up being my daddy.

The second book is called "Tunde, the Little Nigerian Prince and the Soldier Ants" and in it we see Tunde as a little boy in his town of Egbe. Here he gets into trouble with some ants when his mother sends him on an errand. They are not just any ants though, they are soldier ants and they bite hard!

Go to OR download it from me right here.